Citrashine - Post Harvest Treatment of Fruit & Vegetables

CITRASHINE ® Decco is an international company specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of Fruit/Vegetables coatings, applicators and brushes.

CITRASHINE ® wax is a coating agent based on shellac and polyethylene oxide. The product restores the natural protective film removed during the washing and brushing, applied on the fruit improves the appearance delaying the aging process, and increases its resistance to dressing. The coating also controls weight loss and dehydration of fruits, thus increasing the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

Packers and processors of citrus, pome fruit, stone fruits, and vegetables know the harvest is only the first step in getting to supermarket shelves, fast-food outlets, or food service, hotels, restaurants and caterers. At the same time, consumers have more choices in the market than ever before. CITRASHINE ® and DECCO postharvest products ensure that your produce is the consumer's choice.

CITRASHINE ® Management and staff strive to provide service excellence in everything we do. The Company has well trained, efficient, friendly and experienced staff and excellent management, technical, sales and after sales service support.


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