Citrashine - History

Charles F. Wallace and Martin F. Tiernan. These are hardly household names and certainly not recognizable to many when thinking about the great U.S. inventors of the early twentieth century. And yet the accomplishments of these two individuals rival those of Edison, Westinghouse, and Ford, except that instead of introducing new products to make life easier, Wallace & Tiernan focused on products to provide one of man's most basic needs.

Starting in 1934 with a new application in the fresh produce field, W&T's Decco Division developed chlorinated and other washes as well as waxes for fruits and vegetables.

To go along with these processes, WALLACE & TIERNAN acquired the American Machinery Corp. in 1955. AMC manufactured a complete line of produce handling equipment: roller conveyors, automatic counters, baggers, sorters, and graders. AMC produced some unusual equipment, such as a giant pulp dryer for making cattle feed from citrus peelings. These processes saved the growers and shippers money and, more importantly, Decco-treated produce kept better and therefore meant less moldy, rotten fruit, potatoes, etc., on the pantry shelf.

About Us

Since 1962, growers and packers around the world have trusted CITRASHINE ® with the fruits of their labour, so with over 50 years' experience in the post-harvest agricultural sector. CITRASHINE ® is firmly entrenched in the local market place with exceptional quality products and reliable after sale service. Our unique relationship with both Decco Worldwide and U.P.L. ensures that our products and services are of top international standards and affords us access to the latest global technology and research.

CITRASHINE ® includes a range of waxes specially formulated with natural and purified ingredients and emulsifying agents water-soluble for the treatment of fruit and vegetables. All formulations are characterized by the same mode of application, but differ in composition and formulants.

All ingredients are approved for food use and are listed in European Directive No. 95/2/EC.CITRASHINE ® is a coating agent based on shellac and polyethylene oxide. The product restores the natural protective film removed during the washing and brushing, applied on the fruit improves the appearance delaying the aging process, and increases its resistance to dressing. The coating also controls weight loss and dehydration of fruits, thus increasing the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

Our people make the difference

The fact is, you have choices for post-harvest protection, and many of the products are remarkably similar. So how can you make the best choice for your operation? Look for experience. Look for understanding. Look to CITRASHINE ®. We back all our treatments with a knowledgeable and experienced service staff. We can provide assistance with everything from residue analysis, fungicide concentrations, monitoring of decay causing spore populations, and resistance management. Today, the global marketplace is more competitive than ever before. And CITRASHINE ® people are doing what it takes to help you succeed and prosper in this dynamic environment. Nobody understands your challenges better than we do. Nobody works harder to help you find solutions. And nobody is better prepared to help you build your future. You can count on CITRASHINE ® today, and tomorrow.